1st Years Poetry Working from Home

Our first years have been rising to a few challenges, the first being new ways of working at home, we also set them the task of responding to something non visual – poetry in a visual way and also asked them to work in a group to support each other at this time and find out how to keep their own identity while working with others. Below are some of the results of their hard work and creativity which they produced in this one week project. Students tried, home dyeing, hand knitting, making their own looms, collage, macrame and a wealth of mark making, drawing and painting.

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Hannah Bentley
Asha Hoey
Jasmine Twyman
Catherine Jones
Natasha Guerri-Buckland
Kira Albiston
Sherry Hou
Willow Robinson
Freya Cotgreave
Ellie Jones
Briana Chen
Audrey He