Year 2 Print Making to Music

Our second year printers have been rising to the challenge of making during lockdown and have embraced the move towards digital platforms. Creating their own professional Instagram accounts they have been learning the importance of self promotion, creating digital content and engaging with outside audiences.

Beginning with their favourite song as a starting point the students have been asked to draw, paint, mark make and explore scale whilst engaging with a digital audience. The results have been very exciting.

Second Year Print Student Sarah Griffiths creates bold, expressive marks, to create painterly textures.
Instagram @hoshi_seren
Sarah says about her work ‘Some hand/finger painting done whilst dancing to my chosen song. This was so much fun to do and I really love how the paint looks so explosive on the page!’

It has been interesting to see the eclectic mix of music chosen by the students and how this has influenced their creative responses.

Our second year Eve Tong has been responding to September Song, creating fluid, colourful marks to influence her print designs. Instagram @evetongdesigns
Eve says ‘These images were an immediate response to the song, piano music is so calming, there are so many thoughts and avenue’s to explore’.
It’s great to see our students making use of outside space during lockdown.

It’s been amazing to see what the students have been producing whilst in lockdown, we are so impressed with their creativity and novel approaches to making in this unprecedented time.

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