FMP for Woven Textile WFH

It wasn’t the start of the summer term we expected, but as an amazing group of students who have used their creative problem solving to work on some exceptional results under the circumstances. Using a breadth of techniques and approaches. Daniella has applied her exploration of textures to weaving in paper and then exploring the designs further in CAD. Georgina has been producing weaves on a table loom creating the opulent feel she has been researching this semester and added them to her fashion illustrations. Ryan continues he’s project on  sub culture using CAD software and printing onto textured weaves. Darcy also explores CAD design inspired by the ethereal, our students are able to continue working with professional software including Pointcarre specialist weave software. Lianna researched Chinese opera costumes and is weaving for accessories designs including some fantastic trimmings.

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Here is Sophia Fenlon from Norn studio talking about teaching under lockdown

Daniella Bianchi Paper Weaving
Daniella Bianchi CAD work
Georgina Docherty Woven sample

Here is Sophia Fenlon of Norm studio who has been working the students explaining what we have been doing.

Georgina Docherty Fashion Illustrations
Ryan Wrightson CAD work
Ryan Wrightson Weave and Print Samples

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Darcy Edwards CAD Design
Lianna Evans Woven Trim
LIanna Evans Moodboard
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