Year 2 Weave Student Selected for UKFT Award

Congratulations to Year 2 Weave Student Hannah Bentley on her success in the UKFT Made It bursary. As a university member of the UKFT our students have the opportunity to apply for schemes such as the ‘Made It’ bursary which will finds and sponsors placements for students in Uk manufacturing in fashion and textiles. Hannah wrote her statement about her interest in tweed weaving alongside presenting a portfolio fo her work, we are excited to see where this opportunity takes Hannah.

Year 2 Print Student Selected by Blendworth

Congratulations Jenny Wynne on your internship and having your design printed on to wallpaper.

Year 2 print students presented their work to interiors fabric and wall coverings company Blendworth who chose Jenny as their winner who will be joining them for an internship and also have her designs printed off on wallpaper – what an amazing i=and inspiring opportunity. Blendworth were impressed by all our students and how they approached the project creatively and technically, especially in the ever changing and challenging year we are having. Well done Jenny and all of year 2 print.

Year 3 Knit Review April 2021

We welcomed the BA Knitters back to the studio with a face to face toile review. They each presented their fabrics and ideas on mannequins for those doing the garments, and amazing swatches laid out for those textiles. It was great to see fabrics in the flesh after all this time and get a true sense of the texture, quality and colours of what the students have been working so hard on over lockdown. They have taken full advantage of the machinery they’ve had at home and the Shima and Dubied machines available on campus too! 

Here’s a little snapshot of what they’ve been doing, excited to see it all come together for their final presentations in the coming months, watch this space….. 

HUFF MAGAZINE ft Elizabeth Brady

Lizzy graduated from WSA last year 2019 and her work has been photographed by many stylists and photographers @fashionsfinestuk – London Fashion Week 2020.

Lizzy based her collection on Female Artists looking at abstract painting and textural structures. Her collection was in the WSA Fashion Show at the Vinyl Factory, London in June 2019.

Lizzie has just launched her own collection of accessories called 91neutral @91neutral.

FMP for Woven Textile WFH

It wasn’t the start of the summer term we expected, but as an amazing group of students who have used their creative problem solving to work on some exceptional results under the circumstances. Using a breadth of techniques and approaches. Daniella has applied her exploration of textures to weaving in paper and then exploring the designs further in CAD. Georgina has been producing weaves on a table loom creating the opulent feel she has been researching this semester and added them to her fashion illustrations. Ryan continues he’s project on  sub culture using CAD software and printing onto textured weaves. Darcy also explores CAD design inspired by the ethereal, our students are able to continue working with professional software including Pointcarre specialist weave software. Lianna researched Chinese opera costumes and is weaving for accessories designs including some fantastic trimmings.

@g_woventextiles @darcyedwards0 @ryan.woventextiles @dbianchi_ @liannaevans https://www.liannaevanswoventextiles.co.uk 

Here is Sophia Fenlon from Norn studio talking about teaching under lockdown

Daniella Bianchi Paper Weaving
Daniella Bianchi CAD work
Georgina Docherty Woven sample

Here is Sophia Fenlon of Norm studio who has been working the students explaining what we have been doing.

Georgina Docherty Fashion Illustrations
Ryan Wrightson CAD work
Ryan Wrightson Weave and Print Samples

please see Instagram for more

Darcy Edwards CAD Design
Lianna Evans Woven Trim
LIanna Evans Moodboard

Year 2 Print Making to Music

Our second year printers have been rising to the challenge of making during lockdown and have embraced the move towards digital platforms. Creating their own professional Instagram accounts they have been learning the importance of self promotion, creating digital content and engaging with outside audiences.

Beginning with their favourite song as a starting point the students have been asked to draw, paint, mark make and explore scale whilst engaging with a digital audience. The results have been very exciting.

Second Year Print Student Sarah Griffiths creates bold, expressive marks, to create painterly textures.
Instagram @hoshi_seren
Sarah says about her work ‘Some hand/finger painting done whilst dancing to my chosen song. This was so much fun to do and I really love how the paint looks so explosive on the page!’

It has been interesting to see the eclectic mix of music chosen by the students and how this has influenced their creative responses.

Our second year Eve Tong has been responding to September Song, creating fluid, colourful marks to influence her print designs. Instagram @evetongdesigns
Eve says ‘These images were an immediate response to the song, piano music is so calming, there are so many thoughts and avenue’s to explore’.
It’s great to see our students making use of outside space during lockdown.

It’s been amazing to see what the students have been producing whilst in lockdown, we are so impressed with their creativity and novel approaches to making in this unprecedented time.