Year One Virtual Visual Visit

Our first years have been rising to a few challenges, this year, but always surprise and make us proud with their creativity and problem solving. They have taken us on a world tour of how we can continue to appreciate the world and culture from home and find inspiration. To support them we have sent out equipment packs including flat pack looms, screens, knitting equipment to compiment our online learning. Students have also tried, home dyeing, hand knitting, making their own looms, collage, macrame and a wealth of mark making, drawing and painting.

Bobble Live Knit Project

Our year 2 students have been enjoying working with the international swatch studio Bobble who sell their designs to brands including catwalk and household names across the globe. They have used the full range of knit opportunities offered by knitting machines at home and continued to be able to use the computerised Shima knitting machines.

Year 2 Knit Making to Music

Our year two students are working on a portfolio and instagram project inspired by music. We are impressed and inspired by the creativity they are showing in lockdown. Students are fully supported by tutorials and task based learning. The project the students are working on, is based on designing around a piece of music to create a portfolio project aimed at a designer of their choice. Holly has been working on styling and draping on the mannequin. Athena has been exploring cross stitch as an alternative to machine knitting. Our students are always encouraged to take an individual approach and use their problem solving and creativity to the full. Here are examples of how Hayley has been using shadows in her project, here she is talking about her project on making a portfolio aimed at Rick Owens.

@sophs_knitwear @athena_kaliopi_design @holly.knitwear @gednyknit @maeknitwear @jess.knits

Hayley Gedny Talking about her project
Hayley Gedny
Hayley Gedney
Holly Hookham
Holly Hookham
Athena Kaliopi

Year Two Blendworth Live Project

Our year 2 students have continued working. with companies and taken part in live briefs, we have worked with the prestigious interiors company Blendworth for the last few years and this year they set our students a wallpaper design challenge. This allowed our students to engage with a wide range of drawing and painting techniques that they then converted into digital repeat designs.